About us

Billyandfriends.co.uk is a Web service for buying and selling second-hand IKEA furniture and products. Billyandfriends.co.uk is owned and operated by ILI Global AB. There are no links between ILI Global AB and businesses within the IKEA Group.
ILI Global AB is a Sweden-based company that provides a Web service in which individuals and businesses can sell their old IKEA products. In Sweden alone, 20 000 ads per month where individuals sell used IKEA products using classified ads in newspapers and on the Internet. The supply of second-hand is enormous and the interest is high, but the IKEA products are advertised in the wide forums on the Internet want ILI Global AB to create a natural meeting place for buyers and sellers in a custom Web service.  
Billyandfriends.co.uk is a tribute to the company IKEA's amazing range and a response to the recent development of a disposable society. Since our business is internet based, we can offer our customers a unique, customized product with a number of advantages. For those of you who advertise, we offer the market's cheapest ad rates. For those of you who purchase, we offer a huge advertising and a wide selection. Make a good business and good deed for the environment - buying and selling your IKEA furniture on Billyandfriends.co.uk.  
Billyandfriends.co.uk do not trade with furniture, without any furniture that is advertised on the site is used and sold by private individuals, ie you buy a second-hand goods of another private person and not covered by guarantees or other benefits that may apply if you buy new furniture from IKEA.


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